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About Us

When I picked up a stick and wrote my son's name in the sand, I didn't realise it would lead to a whole new venture.

I took a photograph and then continued my walk along a beach in Wales, with Joshua and my husband Stuart.

We adored the picture and had it made into a canvas for Joshua’s bedroom.

Everyone loved it and I realised it would make a wonderful and unique gift for other children too.

So I returned to the beach near Abersoch and began the painstaking task of writing the top 100 boys’and girls’ names in the sand.

I added other popular names and different spellings as well as messages such as Congratulations and Just Married.

It creates a lot of interest as the names end up covering the beach!

I am thrilled that the canvas prints give so much pleasure - they look wonderful on a child’s wall and make a great gift for a birth, christening or birthday.

People of all ages also adore the special message photographs and the simple drawings such as a heart. I'm told they make great presents for weddings or other special occasions.

Some people suggested I save myself time and trouble by using computer technology to write the names, but I think this way is much more special and I hope you do too.

Victoria Pollitt

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