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Trade Orders

Brochure PDF
Greetings cards
If you are interested in becoming a stockist, we would love to hear from you.
Our cards are printed on high quality board with gloss varnish and are blank inside.
They measure 127x177cm and are individually wrapped.
They are sold in packs of six for £5 (83.3p each).
Our brochure can be viewed online here or email us at info@sand-writing.com
for a free copy.
Delivery is free for orders over £100 and £6 for orders under £100.
How to order
Order form
An order form can be downloaded here or requested at info@sand-writing.com.
Return by email or post to Sand-Writing.com, 79 West Way, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire,
CW4 7DG.
Send an email with your order to info@sand-writing.com including card codes and
quantities, along with a contact name, company name, invoice address, delivery address
and telephone number.                                                                                                                                (Brochure PDF)
Canvas Pictures and Prints
If you are interested in stocking any of our canvas pictures or prints, we would love to hear from you -
please email info@sand-writing.com with the name and address of your business and the products and quantities required.
Sand-writing.com is looking for experienced sales agents in a number of areas throughout the UK.
For further details please contact Victoria on info@sand-writing.com


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